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pcos workout: woman holding exercise ropes

Overcome Your Fear of Cortisol and Let’s Get Fit.

The best PCOS training is the training that actually helps you achieve your most audacious fitness goals. We submit that is ‘Progressive Overload’ resistance training, that is, lifting heavy to overload your muscles so you are training with as much weight as you can for maximum growth. But we can see some of you shrinking at the thought of pushing yourself out of fear of raising the dreaded, ‘cortisol.’ The first thing you should know is that cortisol is an anti-stress hormone. Yes, really. Without it, you would not be able to handle shocking and stressful situations. You’d keel over …

pcos fat loss - woman wearing black bra and white tank top raising both hands on top

PCOS fat loss: This is how we do it.

If you didn’t start singing a 1995 Montell Jordan song after reading that title, are you even old enough to have PCOS? Just kidding. PCOS fat loss: This is how we do it. We eat good food. There are a lot of “okay foods” we’re going to tell you not to eat. It’s not that the foods are bad and off limits forever. They just aren’t very good at delivering weight loss. Most people want to have their cake and eat it too. Stop that. You shouldn’t want every crappy pre-packaged, super-processed keto protein bar just because the label is …

difficulty losing weight - fashion love people woman

Top 10 Reasons Women with PCOS have difficulty losing weight.

There are certainly more than 10 reasons women with PCOS have difficulty losing weight. But here are the top 10 as we see it. Our over-arching conclusion: Not enough is known about the condition. There needs to be more high-quality research. For now, everyone is coming at it from all angles with lots of unique approaches, ourselves included. For all the differing opinions and approaches on treating PCOS, we are truly grateful. The more we’re all talking about it and trying things out, the better off we are as a group. We’ll figure it out! Reason #1 women with PCOS …