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woman pulling resistance bands

PCOS training is a powerful tool in the fat-loss fight.

When we say PCOS TRAINING, we’re referring to resistance training or ‘strength training.’ It’s the idea that you will use the muscles of your body to overcome a resistance and in doing so on a regular basis, your muscles become stronger. Bodyweight exercises, free weights, resistance bands, and gym machines all fall under the resistance training umbrella. Lifting weights helps you to burn calories and stored energy (fat) more efficiently, experts say. And strength training increases your lean muscle mass, which helps your body burn more of the energy you consume from food rather than storing it in fat cells. …

PCOS Training: oats on glass container with wooden lid

How eating the right carbs builds muscle and burns fat.

Carbs, just like every other macronutrient, have a place in improving your body composition. In the case of PCOS, more lean muscle mass supports insulin sensitivity, fat-burning, and lessening PCOS symptoms. So, we want lots of lean muscle mass. And how do you build it? You train and after training, you feed your muscles a mix of carbs and protein. But not just any carbs… Types of carbs Complex carbs are those that often have high fiber content and are larger molecules. Examples of these are vegetables, beans, oats, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and more. Complex carbs are our preferred carbs. …

pcos training: woman doing exercise inside gym

Want to improve your PCOS symptoms? Pump some iron.

We admittedly do not put much stock in the research and studies cited by most regarding PCOS in general and PCOS training specifically. Why? Because there isn’t a ton of great research on the subject in existence. It is expensive to do good research which is why there are a lot of conclusions from unreliable research floating around. With that caveat firmly in mind, many scientists seem to back up what we have experienced, which is that resistance training and the development of lean muscle mass seems to aid in the burning of fat in women with PCOS as well …