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pcos training: woman doing exercise inside gym

Want to improve your PCOS symptoms? Pump some iron.

We admittedly do not put much stock in the research and studies cited by most regarding PCOS in general and PCOS training specifically. Why? Because there isn’t a ton of great research on the subject in existence. It is expensive to do good research which is why there are a lot of conclusions from unreliable research floating around.

PCOS training: woman lifting a barbell

With that caveat firmly in mind, many scientists seem to back up what we have experienced, which is that resistance training and the development of lean muscle mass seems to aid in the burning of fat in women with PCOS as well as decreasing PCOS symptoms and making cells more sensitive to insulin, so less unused energy is transformed to fat. 

It seems that physical training, resistance & cardio, is strongly advocated to manage PCOS. But most sources agree, little information is available on WHICH exercise regime is best.

We advocate ‘Progressive Overload.’

Progressive overload resistance training is at the heart of the We the PCOS program because it is said to lower plasma testosterone and fasting glucose levels. It aids in building lean muscle mass and helps reduce visceral fat, also improving hyperandrogenism, reproductive function, and body composition in women with PCOS.

Some studies suggest that resistance training when coupled with diet and cardio training can result in a significant decline in blood pressure, fasting glucose, insulin resistance, testosterone, and the betterment in ovulations and / or menstrual cycle.

Watch out for ‘research-based PCOS training’ reccos

If you see PCOS workout recommendations based on ‘research’ you should always take it with a grain of salt. Also, any recommendations that are tied to the selling of supplements.

We submit that the resistance training ‘claims’ we’ve shared here seem to support what we have personally experienced, and that is that resistance training makes you sexy.

Lol. Just kidding. We would recommend resistance training for ALLLLLL women, and we would never leave PCOS ladies out of that equation because we all benefit from stronger muscles in terms of optimum health and wellness. As well as sexiness. 😉

Also, our amazingly fit and brilliant head trainer said we will practice progressive overload, which is her recco for PCOS ladies, and if we pick up any baby weights she will smack them out of our hands. So progressive overload it is! 🙂

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